Coasteering kicked off in the late 90's; Now Extreme Wales have refined it, offering you the most exciting journey in South Wales; venture into this unique rugged/wild coastline with stunning scenery .

What is it?

Our Coasteering is exploring, swimming, climbing, scrambling, inlet bobbing and cliff jumping around a hidden bay of the famous Gower coastline. It offers a challenging and adrenaline filled awe inspiring environment, as well as beautiful scenery and close-up encounters with nature and wildlife. Come and take the plunge.
The location we use is considered as one of the best in South Wales.


Is it scary?

Coasteering is as thrilling as you make it: If plunging off cliffs into the sea and swimming into sea caves and inlets with the swell is your thing, then you’ll have ample opportunity to go for it , but you can move at your own pace in the surroundings. Coasteering is an adventure for all abilities and adrenaline junkies alike.

Is it dangerous?

Without an experienced and accredited guide it certainly would be. Our team know the land inside-out, which means that not only can they take you safely around, but they can also sneak you to the secret places that most people never find. Come and immerse yourself in the most breathtaking landscape in this marvelously hands-on and interactive adventure.